English Gardens 12th Annual Orchid Festival

Aug. 13, 2014 [update]: More flowers from Oncidium Rosy Sunset ‘Pacific Satin’

Oncidium Rosy Sunset 'Pacific Satin'

Oncidium Rosy Sunset 'Pacific Satin'

Jul. 13, 2014 [update]: While poking around in our greenhouse today, I noticed some flowers peeking out at us among our Oncidium Alliance plants. We didn’t even see the flower spike forming on this one.

Oncidium Rosy Sunset 'Pacific Satin'
The flowers still smell like cotton candy as we remembered them.

Oncidium Rosy Sunset 'Pacific Satin'

May 19, 2014 [update]: Our Miltonia Andrea West ‘HOF’ gave us 2 more spikes but it got blasted a little bit because of the crazy weather.

Miltonia Andrea West 'HOF'

Feb. 1, 2014: It’s finally February! That means it’s English Gardens 12th Annual Orchid Festival. Despite the 6-8″ of snow falling, we brave horrid roads and motorists to go to our favorite branch in Royal Oak. We wanted to attend the two free lectures scheduled in the afternoon to see our fellow orchid enthusiasts in the area. The speaker was Carol Butcher from the Michigan Orchid Society and she was absolutely inspiring. We made some new friends and got even more excited with our new hobby/obsession. We’re definitely joining the Michigan Orchid Society at their next monthly meeting.

Oncidium Rosy Sunset 'Pacific Satin' full Oncidium Rosy Sunset 'Pacific Satin' flowers
Oncidium Rosy Sunset ‘Pacific Satin’

Oncidium Rosy Sunset 'Pacific Satin' Oncidium Rosy Sunset 'Pacific Satin'
Some more clear pictures of Oncidium Rosy Sunset ‘Pacific Satin’ from Larry

Miltonia Andrea West 'HOF' full Miltonia Andrea West 'HOF' flower
Miltonia Andrea West ‘HOF’

Orchid count: #35,36


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