Porter’s Orchids discovered

Oct. 7, 2014 [update]: The Restrepia striata/brachypus has been blooming non-stop!

Restrepia striata/brachypus

Restrepia striata/brachypus

Aug. 13, 2014 [update]: The flower is open and it’s interesting how similar it looks to the Restrepia striata/brachypus plant that’s been blooming for us (pictures here).

Restrepia tricoglossa (syn leontoglossa)

Restrepias Restrepia striata/brachypus on the left, Restrepia tricoglossa (syn leontoglossa) on the right

Restrepia comparison

Aug. 10, 2014 [update]: The little Restrepia tricoglossa (syn leontoglossa) plant we got from Porter’s from the very beginning of our orchid journey is in bud!

Restrepia Tricoglossa (syn leontoglossa)

Porter’s Orchids in Grand Ledge is only open the second and fourth Saturdays every month so we had to wait a few weeks after the holidays before we can visit it. It was definitely worth the wait and the drive. We got so overwhelmed that we ended up only bringing home a couple of orchids.

147 149
Paph. Insigne v. Sanderae

Paph. Insigne v. Sanderae buds
This is how it looked when we first got it

Paph. Insigne v. Sanderae bud closeup
The buds begin to open

Restrepia Tricoglossa Porter's Orchids picture
Restrepia Tricoglossa (syn leontoglossa) (picture from Porter’s Orchids website)

Orchid count: #20, 21


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