First Brassavola

Jan. 17, 2016 [update]: Our little rescue Brassavola bloomed! And we actually got a yellow ribbon for it at the Grand Valley Orchid Society Show (in the Greater Lansing Orchid Society display).

B. Little Stars

Here are picutres of the flowers after we got the plant back from the show. It’s so exciting to see how far this rescue has come! There’s even another set of buds forming.

B. Little Stars

Mar. 2, 2014: While we were in Macomb, we thought why not check out the area Lowe’s to see if they have orchids in need of rescue. We were excited to see that they did have a good selection of rescue orchids available BUT after asking an associate about the prices, we were shocked to hear they’re still selling them at full price. Larry’s rescue instinct still wanted to save at least one so we did.

B. Little Stars
B. Little Stars (cordata ‘Hihimanu’ x nodosa ‘Mas Mejor’)

B. Little Stars
The plant was really sad-looking. When Larry re-potted it, we discovered it hardly had any viable roots. Definitely a rescue plant.

B. Little Stars flowers internet picture
Would really love to save this plant tho since I’ve always love Brassavola flowers. These B. Little Stars flowers picture is from the Internet.

Orchid count: #73


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  2. I have the same exact plant. . .my picture looks just about as sad.


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