Not a Phal. equestris

Aug. 13, 2014 [update]: The non-Phal. equestris continues to bloom!

not a Phal. equestris

not a Phal. equestris

Apr. 3, 2014: Proper picture of the beautiful Odon. Papageno ‘Mi Amour’

Odon. Papageno 'Mi Amour'

Mar. 30, 2014 [update]: The flowers of Odon. Papageno ‘Mi Amour’ turned out more purple/pink  after a few days! Fascinating transformation!


Mar. 26, 2014 [update]: The Odon. Papageno ‘Mi Amour’ bloomed and the flower looks a little different from the picture we got off the Internet. Our flower is less pink/purple, more white.

Odon. Papageno 'Mi Amour'
Odon. Papageno ‘Mi Amour’  flower

Mar. 14, 2014: We’ve been excitedly waiting for our Phal. equestris to bloom. It would be perfect timing too since the Michigan Orchid Society meeting is scheduled for this weekend and it would be awesome to bring such a pretty Phalaenopsis species for show and tell. The first bud opened earlier this week and unfortunately, it’s not actually a Phal. equestris. Still a beautiful flower tho.

not a Phal equestris

not a Phal equestris

Larry took a trip back to Larry’s Orchids and Tropicals to see if all the Phal. equestris there turned out the same way ours did. We were hoping that there were real ones that we can get. Unfortunately, the whole lot was mislabeled.

Larry’s Orchids Larry was gracious enough to offer us a refund which we turned down since it’s not his fault (it was mislabeled by his supplier). He did give Larry a great discount for the new purchases we made this trip.

Masd. Cheryl Shohan 'The Babe'
Masd. Cheryl Shohan ‘The Babe’

Masd. Cheryl Shohan 'The Babe'
Awesome growth on the Masd. Cheryl Shohan ‘The Babe’

Masd. Cheryl Shohan 'The Babe' internet picture
Masd. Cheryl Shohan ‘The Babe’ flower (picture from Internet)

Wils. Opalescent 'Lavender Lights'
Wils. Opalescent ‘Lavender Lights’

Wils. Opalescent 'Lavender Lights' internet picture
Wils. Opalescent ‘Lavender Lights’ flowers (picture from Internet)

Odon. Papageno 'Mi Amour'
Odon. Papageno ‘Mi Amour’ in spike

Odon. Papageno 'Mi Amour' internet picture
Odon. Papageno ‘Mi Amour’ flower (picture from Internet)

Orchid count: #85-87



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