Rescue cattleyas


Mar. 19, 2014: On his way home from work, Larry dropped by the English Gardens in Eastpointe. It was sad to see that they still did not want to sell their sad-looking Paphs for the price that their Ann Arbor branch was selling plants that have lost their blooms ($6). Eastpointe was selling the Paphs without flowers for $20 even the ones that looked dying. The ones that still have their withering blooms were selling for $25. You can almost feel those plants hope their blooms drop already so they’d have a better chance to get into a forever home.

For this trip, Larry ended up taking home a couple rescue cattleyas that were tucked behind a bunch of other dying plants.

Blc. Fuchs Orange Nugget 'Lea'
Blc. Fuchs Orange Nugget ‘Lea’

Blc. Fuchs Orange Nugget 'Lea' flowers internet picture
Blc. Fuchs Orange Nugget ‘Lea’ flowers (picture from Internet)

Pot. Love Spirit 'NN#1'
Pot. Love Spirit ‘NN#1’

Flower for Pot. Love Spirit ‘NN#1’ is supposedly bright yellow.

Orchid count: #92, 93


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  1. Gail says:

    So how did he save it? I have one that hasn’t bloomed since we got it. All of my other orchids are doing great. Lady slipper. Dancing ladies as well as the generic ones you buy at the store. So what do we need to do differently with the Fuchs orange nugget? After at least 4 years it is just now getting a new leaf bud Never a flower


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