Hunt for orchid #100


Mar. 23, 2014: After our blog post yesterday, we realized we are one plant away from a triple digit count. That means it’s time for an epic adventure! Well, actually we never need a reason for epic adventures but it makes for a great story.

We first went to the English Gardens at Sterling Heights where there were a few manager’s specials that were interesting. Nothing special, tho.

We then went to Wiegand’s Nursery to check out what’s there. Several beautiful blooming orchids but some were missing plant tags. Unless they’re rescue plants, I find it difficult to pay full price for noids.

Then it’s off to tried and true Larry’s Orchids and Tropicals. Original plan was to pick up a Masdevallia pinocchio and a Stanhopea insignis ‘Dark Jungle’. While milling about the nursery though, an oncidium-type plant caught our eye. Turned out to be a Miltassia that’s 1/3 the price of the Stanhopea. We ended up choosing it.

Masdevallia pinocchio 'Cheyenne'
Masdevallia pinocchio ‘Cheyenne’

Masdevallia pinocchio 'Cheyenne' internet picture
Masdevallia pinocchio ‘Cheyenne’ flower (picture from Internet)

Miltassia Golden Spider 'Copius'
Miltassia Golden Spider ‘Copius’

Miltassia Golden Spider 'Copius' internet picture
Miltassia Golden Spider ‘Copius’ flowers (picture from Internet)

Orchid count: #100, 101


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