eBay orchids

Jul. 29, 2014 [update]: With more flowers open on the Wils. Pacific Panache ‘Kenny Boy’, the cuter the inflorescence is looking.

Wils. Pacific Panache 'Kenny Boy'

Wils. Pacific Panache 'Kenny Boy'

Jul. 26, 2014 [update]: The Wils. Pacific Panache ‘Kenny Boy’ plant has been in spike for a while now and we have the first flower open. It looks so cool! Candy-colored!

Wils. Pacific Panache 'Kenny Boy'

Apr. 4, 2014: One of the regular things that Larry and I do is browse thru the orchids that are available on eBay. It’s fascinating to see the different kinds of plants from different parts of the world. And to see how much some of these plants are fetching. We finally balked and picked up a few. They arrived throughout the week and so far, so good. True test would be to bloom these and prove that they are indeed the plants that they were sold as. Time will tell!

Paph. sukhakulii
Paph. sukhakulii plant we got for cheap. Label says “Paphiopetalum sukhakulii”. I hope that’s not a new genera shuffle thing.

Paph. sukhakulii flower internet picturePaph. sukhakulii flower (picture from Internet). Wanted this plant since I had a lot of discussions with my twin brother Toad about the significance of this species and the hybridization of maudiae-type Paphs. Beautiful flower!

Phrag. caricinum
Phrag. caricinum

Phrag. caricinum flower internet picture
Phrag. caricinum flower (picture from Internet). This one is Larry’s choice. The flower look alien-beautiful!

Wils. Pacific Panache 'Kenny Boy'
Wils. Pacific Panache ‘Kenny Boy’. This one was selling for cheap and the pictures of its flowers were nice so we picked it up.

Wils. Pacific Panache 'Kenny Boy' internet picture
Wils. Pacific Panache ‘Kenny Boy’ flowers (picture from Internet). It would be awesome to get such crazy inflorescence.

Orchid count: #119, 120, 121


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