Finally, the Michigan Orchid Society show

May 23, 2015 [update]: We’re so excited that the Cypripedium Philipp we got last year bloomed this year!

Cypripedium Philipp

Cypripedium Philipp

Cypripedium Philipp

Apr. 12, 2014: The Michigan Orchid Society 60th Annual Palm Sunday Orchid Show opens today! The night before, while we were helping set things up, we spotted this unique-looking Miltonia that was at Porter’s Orchids‘ vendor booth. He was long gone by then so we hoped we would be able to get it today. He seemed to only have one of it.

I volunteered to clerk during the morning judging so I was not able to go right to the vendor area. Right after judging, tho I went straight to Porter’s and was happy to see the Miltonia was still there!

Milt. Delaware (Delectable x warsceweezii)
Milt. Delaware (Delectable x warsceweezii). It’s even more interesting now that we can’t seem to find any further information about this plant online (we really need to get a copy of OrchidWiz!)

After the haul from yesterday we really did not want to go overboard with plant purchases today. We also volunteered to help teardown the show tomorrow afternoon and we were advised that some vendors are willing to give deep discounts on their plants around that time. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

In the interest of further supporting the Michigan Orchid Society and in honor of our good friend Yvonne who couldn’t make it to this show this year, we tried our luck with the raffle (she handle these things usually). After investing a little over $30 in raffle tickets (they’re $1 a piece) and 3 hours of waiting (a ticket is drawn every hour), we finally got a win! I chose the Cypripedium package from the raffle table.

MOS orchid show raffle win

We checked the Raising Rarities website to get more information about this plant (they donated this package to the Michigan Orchid Society for the raffle). It was a pleasant shock to see the cheapest price for the bulb/root by itself is $74! The potting mix is bonus.

Cypripedium Philipp flowers internet pictureThe Cypripedium Philipp flowers look so cool (picture from Internet). 

Orchid count: #131, 132


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