Larry’s Urban Orchid Expeditions: Destination Lansing (first stop)

Apr. 3, 2015 [update]: Just wanted to update that our Scaphosepalum breve is still alive and well!

Scaphosepalum breve

Scaphosepalum breve

Scaphosepalum breve

Sept. 2, 2014 [update]: The Scaphosepalum breve has not stopped blooming for us!

Scaphosepalum breve

Scaphosepalum breve

Jun. 1, 2014 [update]: We got a great deal for mounting bark from Larry’s Orchids and Tropicals so I thought I’d try my hand at mounting the Tolumnia variegata that has just been sitting on spanish moss all this time.

Tolumnia variegata

Apr. 26, 2014: First stop for this dry run of Larry’s Urban Orchid Expeditions: Destination Lansing is Little Frog Farm! It was an absolute blast! So much plants in a seemingly small area. Every time we peeked and poked somewhere, we find something interesting. We knew he would have Pleurothallids, Paphs and Phrags, we didn’t realize how much variety he had. Ended up picking up more plants than we planned.

I had spent most of my time at Little Frog Farm considering which Masdies to get (there were a dizzying amount to choose from). These were what made the cut (we’re definitely going back for the others tho!). It was extra challenging to choose since we didn’t have cellphone signal to check online for the flowers of any of these.

Masd. Gold DustMasd. Gold Dust

Masd. Gold Dust flower internet pictureMasd. Gold Dust flower (picture from Internet)

Masd. OthelloMasd. Othello

Masd. Othello internet pictureMasd. Othello flowers (picture from Internet). I’m so excited to have picked this up. There was only one of these plants on the Masdie shelf and it didn’t have as many leaves as the other plants but the tragic Shakespearean name made me imagine an interesting flower. I wasn’t disappointed to find out how it really looks now.

Masd. Jelly Belly
Masd. Jelly Belly

Masd. Jelly Belly flower internet picture
Masd. Jelly Belly flower (picture from Internet). I’m glad I passed on buying one of these at the MOS show a few weeks ago.  Saved myself paying orchid show prices.

Masd. guttulata
Masd. guttulata

Masd. guttulata flower internet picture
Masd. guttulata flower (picture from Internet). This is another blind purchase. Not as tough to decide on tho since I ultimately want to have all the Masdevallia species eventually.

On the Masdevallia shelf sat some very healthy looking Scaphosepalum plants. We’ve always been fascinated by these rams-head orchids that we’ve only seen pictures of online. We were so geeked to find out it was very affordable to add to our collection.

Scaphosepalum breve
Scaphosepalum breve

Scaphosepalum breve flowersTons of inflorescences on this plant!

Scaphosepalum breve flower
Larry took this macro photo of one of the Scaphosepalum breve flowers.Very alien!

Tolumnia variegata
Freebie! Rob Little Frog had this overgrown Tolumnia variegata plant and pulled this plantlet to give to us.

Tolumnia variegata flowers internet picture
Tolumnia variegata flowers (picture from Internet)

We were done with our shopping at Little Frog Farm when Rob mentioned he has some Paph. helenae plants! That really perked me up since I didn’t know any of our local vendors had these. We’ve been keeping an eye out on every show we went to hoping we’d stumble across it. The search is over!

Paph. helenaePaph. helenae

Paph. helenae flower internet picturePaph. helenae flower (picture from Internet). It’s the teacup Paph! So damn cute!

Orchid count: #154-160


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