Hit from eBay

Jun. 15, 2014 [update]: Looks like the Paph. spicerianum flower adjusted its form to look a little more uniform. So pretty.

Paph. spicerianum

Jun. 7, 2014 [update]: The flower is open and it’s so cute!

Paph. spicerianum

Paph. spicerianum

May 21, 2014: They say purchasing plants off eBay is hit or miss. Well, we got a hit on our hands! We bought this from the same eBay seller from whom we got our Masd. Circe (story told here). Definitely a great eBay seller (wiredgrower)!

Paph. spicerianum
Paph. spicerianum

Paph. spicerianum flower internet picture(picture from Internet) From the very first time we saw this Paphiopedilum species flower at the Grand Rapids Orchid Show last January (which was the very first orchid show we experienced; story told here), we had this in our orchid bucket list. Excited to finally add it to our ever-growing collection!

Orchid count: #190


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