While Kherwin’s away…

May 23, 2014: …Larry will bring home Phals. It’s a long-running joke that I’m not a big fan of Phalaenopsis plants. Well, Larry went to Larry’s Orchids and Tropicals by himself today and brought home a bunch of Phals. (Actually, it’s NoID Phals that I don’t care for much since they’re everywhere and they take up space)

Phal. amabilis
Phal. amabilis

Phal. amabilis flower internet picture(picture from Internet) I guess Phal. amabilis is a popular parent in those grocery store NoID Phals.

Phal. stuartiana
Phal. stuartiana

Phal. stuartiana flower internet picture(picture from Internet) The flower of Phal. stuartiana has fascinating markings!

Dtps. Nobby's Purple
Dtps. Nobby’s Purple

Dtps. Nobby's Purple flower internet picture
(picture from Internet) The lovely simple flower of Dtps. Nobby’s Purple

When Larry said he was going to check out Larry’s Orchids and Tropicals, I mentioned we can use some Cymbidium plants to use to shade our Pleurothallid Alliance plants. Of all the available Cymbidium plants, he chose one we had already bought before (from this previous post). Still a good shade plant tho.

Cym. Beauty Fred 'Marione'
Cym. Beauty Fred ‘Marione’

Cymbidium Beauty Fred 'Marione' flowers internet picture

Orchid count: #194-197


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