Bordine’s is just around the corner

Jun. 7/2014 [update]: The buds on our Mtdm. Pacific Paragon ‘Honey Butter’ has opened!

Mtdm. Pacific Paragon 'Honey Butter'

Mtdm. Pacific Paragon 'Honey Butter'

Jun. 1, 2014: Tis the season for garden centers/greenhouses/plant nurseries commercials on TV. One we always see is that for Bordine’s. Their ad and website don’t mention anything about having orchids but after the treasure trove at Wiegand’s (their website had no mention of orchids either), we’re going to check out every place we can.

When we plugged the address into the GPS, I was surprised to find out that Bordine’s is literally just around the corner from where I work! I actually drive past it on my way home if I take the Rochester Road route home. Goes to show how much I need to work on my observation skills.

If we were to describe Bordine’s with one word, that word would be: VAST! Unfortunately, their orchid section is no better than what one would see at Meijer (just a few NoID Phals).

Larry’s Orchids and Tropicals is on our way home from Rochester Hills so we thought we’d swing by and see what’s new.

Masd. Angel Tang
Masd. Angel Tang. We already have this Masdevallia hybrid that we won at one of the Michigan Orchid Society’s meeting’s raffle (story told here) but it’s really hard to resist getting this overgrown plant for cheap.

Masd. Angel Tang flower internet picture
(picture from Internet) Also, considering the significant variations we saw between the flowers of two of our Masd. Pinocchio’s Dream , we thought it’d be interesting to see what difference we’d see in the flowers of these two Masd. Angel Tang plants.

Aliceara Pacific Nova 'Okika'
Aliceara Pacific Nova ‘Okika’

Aliceara Pacific Nova 'Okika' flower internet picture
(picture from Internet) This plant was in the discounted previously bloomed section which is always an amazing deal. The yellow flowers look refreshing.

Mtdm. Pacific Paragon 'Honey Butter'
Mtdm. Pacific Paragon ‘Honey Butter’

Mtdm. Pacific Paragon 'Honey Butter' flowers internet picture(picture from Internet) This was also from the discounted previously bloomed section plus it’s in spike. Another pretty addition to our collection.

Trichopilia x ramonensis
Trichopilia x ramonensis. It’s not a trip to Larry’s Orchids without checking out the Ugly Duckling section. We picked this up hoping to keep it alive and growing.

Trichopilia x ramonensis flower internet picture(picture from Internet) It would be so cool to rehab and bloom this natural hybrid plant. The flower look very interesting.

Grammatophyllum scriptum var. kiilani
Grammatophyllum scriptum var. kiilani is another Ugly Duckling plant we picked up. It’s actually in spike despite the state of the rest of the plant.

Grammatophyllum scriptum var. kiilani internet picture(picture from Internet) The flower of this plant looks odd, primitive, beautiful. I hope we’d be able to rehab this plant, too.

Orchid count: #220-224


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