First Orchid Eros plant

Jun. 6, 2014: The Michigan Orchid Society is gearing up for the upcoming annual summer picnic  by ordering plants from several orchid vendors in Hawaii. We took advantage of the opportunity to squeeze in our own orders. From Orchid Eros, there weren’t many plants that caught our eyes (they seem to specialize in Cattleyas) but we still wanted to have a rough idea how this vendor’s plants looked. So we got an Encyclia.

Encyclia boothiana
Encyclia boothiana. Apparently, this is now a Prosthechea species as well. We originally ordered an Encyclia polybulbon but this is what was sent. No complaints tho since this is a beautiful plant and seems tougher to find being sold anywhere.

Encyclia boothianaDelicate tiny flowers on this plant

Orchid count: #236


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