NoID named Phal hybrids

Oct. 12, 2015 [update]: The little Phal. Red Ching Very Fancy plant is now in bloom.

Phal. Red Ching Very Fancy

Sep. 13, 2015 [update]: The Phal. Panda has bloomed!

Phal. Panda

May 24, 2015 [update]: A few more pictures of the Dtps. Little Gem Stripes ‘Cat’s King’ now that all 3 flowers on the inflorescence are open.

Dtps. Little Gem Stripes 'Cat's King'

Dtps. Little Gem Stripes 'Cat's King'

May 12, 2015 [update]: The Dtps. Little Gem Stripes ‘Cat’s King’ finally bloomed!

Dtps. Little Gem Stripes 'Cat's King'

Jul. 29, 2014 [update]: The Cptra. Sydney Smith ‘Green Monkey’ AM/AOS is blooming!

Cptra. Sydney Smith 'Green Monkey' AM/AOS

Cptra. Sydney Smith 'Green Monkey' AM/AOS

Jun. 8, 2014 [update]: We checked into Larry’s Orchids again today to get more information about these “named” Phals. The Phal. Chian Xen is actually a Phal. Chian Xen Diamond.

Phal. Chain Xen Diamond 'Celebration' FCCAOS internet picture(picture from Internet) This is a beautiful picture of Phal. Chain Xen Diamond ‘Celebration’ FCC/AOS

We saw a picture of the Phal. Panda from the wholesaler that they got the plants from but no further details regarding which particular Panda it is.

As for the Phal. Red Ching ‘Very Fancy’, it could be Phal. Chingruey’s Fancy.

Phal. Chingruey's Fancy internet picture(picture from Internet) If it is, it would be so awesome since these flat colored Phals are nice.

Jun. 6, 2014: Larry had the day off today and what better way spend it than to hang out at Larry’s Orchids and Tropicals. The shipment that they got in yesterday included a vast array of bare-root Phals which Larry happily dove into (figuratively). This is continuing the trend of “when Kherwin’s away, Larry will get Phals”.

Phal. Panda Phal. Panda

Phal. Yu Pin Panda internet picture(picture from Internet) There doesn’t seem to be a registered Phal hybrid just called Panda. This is a picture of Phal. Yu Pin Panda which seems to be the most popular one. We’ll have to wait until our plant blooms to really know what flower we get.

Phal. Red Ching Very FancyPhal. Red Ching Very Fancy. Writing this post just confirms my hatred for these random Phal hybrids. I cannot find any information (or picture) about any permutation of the name of this plant online anywhere. This might as well be a NoID. Grrr

If it were left up to me, I will only get Phal hybrids from the people who creates the hybrid themselves. It’s looking like these mass retail places would just slap whatever name they feel like on these plants to pass them as more than just a NoID plant.

Phal. Chian Xen
Phal. Chian Xen and surprise surprise! There is no such thing as a Phal simply named “Chian Xen”. The International Orchid Registry list 28 different hybrids with “Chian Xen” in their names.

Phal. Chain Xen Pearl 'Ming Ho' AMAOS internet picture(picture from Internet) Here’s a picture of a very beautiful Phal.  Chain Xen Pearl ‘Ming Ho’ AM/AOS

Dtps. Little Gem Stripes 'Cat's King'
Dtps. Little Gem Stripes ‘Cat’s King’. This one is at least familiar since we already have a Dtps. Little Gem Stripes (story told in this post).

Dtps. Little Gem Stripes 'Cat's King' internet picture(picture from Internet) It’s SHOCKING that I find a picture with the exact name of this plant online! Beautiful.

Cptra. Sydney Smith 'Green Monkey'
Cptra. Sydney Smith ‘Green Monkey’ AM/AOS. Ok so Larry didn’t bring home just Phals, he also got this lovely plant. It has a couple of spikes growing!

Cptra. Sydney Smith 'Green Monkey' internet picture(picture from Internet) Considering the name, I’m assuming the flowers will be fairly green which would be awesome!

Orchid count: #231-235


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