Paph philippinense alba

Jun. 7, 2014: One of the plants that we’ve had in our orchid bucket list from the beginning is Paph. philippinense because of the Philippine connection. We happened upon one available on eBay a few weeks back so we went for it. To our surprise, the seller was actually Alex from the Michigan orchid shows. After some challenges with USPS, we finally got our plant from him at the Taylor Orchids Summer Sale happening this weekend.

Paph philippinense var alba
Paph philippinense var alba (‘Sterling’ x ‘Heart Break’)

Paph philippinense alba internet picture(picture from Internet) Beautiful little green slipper orchids!

Orchid count: #241


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  1. Picture from Internet is`nt enough, You can`t steel photos from Internet. This photo is from me, I have the Copyright, so remove this photo at once!
    My Original is here:
    paphiopedilum philippinense alba


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