Taylor Orchids Summer Sale

Jul. 29, 2014 [update]: The more flowers open up on the Bllra. Wine Spots ‘New Star’, the more beautiful the plant is looking!

Bllra. Wine Spots 'New Star'

Jul. 26, 2014 [update]: More of the flowers on the Bllra. Wine Spots ‘New Star’ are open!

Bllra. Wine Spots 'New Star'

Jul. 18, 2014 [update]: The first few flowers on the Bllra. Wine Spots ‘New Star’ plant is now open!

Bllra. Wine Spots 'New Star'

Jun. 7, 2014: The day has finally come! We’ve had the flyer for Taylor Orchid’s Summer Sale on our fridge from the moment we heard of it (the first Michigan Orchid Society monthly meeting we attended back in Feb). Although we had spoilers for this sale last weekend, it was still exciting to see what we would add to our collection today.

Epi. schlechterianum
Epi. schlechterianum. This was the first plant we picked up off the benches since it looked so unique.

Epidendrum schlechterianum internet picture(picture from Internet) The flowers of this plant look nondescript but pretty nonetheless.

Paph. Faire-Maud
Paph. Faire-Maud (fairrieanum x Maudiae ‘Coloratum’). Walking through all the Paph plants, the spike on this one caught my eye. The tag on this plant actually read: Paph. fairrieanum x Maudiae Coloratum Wylecourt. We love fairrieanum!

Paph. Faire-Maud budSo excited to see how the flower will look like considering so many different variations in this particular hybrid.

Paph. Faire-Maud internet picture
(picture from Internet) It’s so cool that the flower of this plant will look like Maudiae in fairrieanum form!

Bllra. Wine Spots 'New Star'
Bllra. Wine Spots ‘New Star’. We knew we wanted to pick up some Oncidium Alliance plants on this trip. When we saw the name of this plant, we remembered that during this year’s Michigan Orchid Society Orchid Show, a plant with the same name was shown and was absolutely amazing.

Bllra. Wine SpotsIn fact, here’s a picture I took of that plant. It was labeled Allcra. Wine Spots as the picture shows but we know it’s the same; one of those victims of the whole genera shuffle that seems to be happening in the orchid world these days.

Cirr. Louis Sanders
Cirr. Louis Sanders. We happened to be standing beside a tray of small plants while chitchatting with fellow summer sale shoppers. They suspiciously look like Bulbos and after checking the tags, they were indeed. It’s awesome that the tags have the traditional Cirrhopetalum genus.

Cirr. Louis Sanders internet picture(picture from Internet) The flower of this plant looks like Bulb. fascinator!

Cirr. makoyanum
Cirr. makoyanum was also in the tray so we picked one up, too.

Cirr. makoyanum internet picture(picture from Internet) The flowers of this plant look like those lady’s fingers cookies.

Onc. Lemon Heart 'Saint Dawn'
Onc. Lemon Heart ‘Saint Dawn’. This is the plant we had purchased last weekend but left at Taylor Orchids for display (and a reason to go back there this weekend).

Onc. Lemon Heart 'Saint Dawn' flowersAbsolutely striking flowers on this plant.

Orchid count: #242-247


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