Twinsies (the mix up)

Oct. 17, 2015 [update]: The Phal. cornu-cervis have been blooming like crazy this year. It’s fascinating to see the different forms of the same species.

Phal. cornu-cervi red
This is the Phal. cornu-cervi red

Phal. cornu-cerni 4N
This is the Phal. cornu-cerni 4N (the first one)

Jun. 18, 2014: It’s that time of the week again where we get plants from The Orchid Works. It’s actually been a while since we’ve gotten anything from them since the the week we submitted our order (May 29) there weren’t enough to ship an order. That particular week, we got word that all the Encyclia radiata were all gone. We went ahead and purchased a great-looking one from Larry’s Orchids since I really wanted one (story told here). We never cancelled our order for it from The Orchid Works and today it shows up. So now we have twin Encyclia radiata!

Encyclia radiata
Encyclia (Prosthechea) radiata. This plant looks just as good as the one we got from Larry’s. Twinsies!

Encyclia radiata(picture from Internet) Pretty little flowers!

Phal. cornu-cerni 4N
Phal. cornu-cerni 4N. Continuing the theme of twinsies, we just so happened to order two different types of Phal cornu-cervis.

Phal. cornu-cerni 4N internet picture(picture from Internet) Plants that are “4N” are supposed to be better in certain ways to their normal (2N) counterparts. It would be interesting to see how the “4N” shows itself in this plant considering the “normal” flowers already look exquisite.

Phal. cornu-cervi redPhal. cornu-cervi red

Phal. cornu-cervi red internet picture(picture from Internet) Beautiful red form of the Phal. cornu-cervi.

Orchid count: #273,274,275


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