Big younger brother Dracula lotax

Nov. 1, 2014 [update]: The Mtssa. Shelob ‘Tolkien’ finally bloomed!

Mtssa. Shelob 'Tolkien'

Jun. 19, 2014: Larry’s Orchids and Tropicals always seem to have something new and today was not different. They have a whole flat of Dracula lotax! It immediately reminded us of the rescue one we got very early in our orchid journey (story told in this post). In fact, it was one of the plants we got the first time we discovered Larry’s. The plants they have now are leaps and bounds bigger and healthier than the one we got before (it was a rescue after all) and although our original one is still thriving and growing happily, we couldn’t resist buying a big younger bro for it.

Dracula lotax
Dracula lotax pictured with Larry’s finger to show the size of this plant.

Dracula lotaxThis plant has a flower spike growing!

Dracula lotax internet picture(picture from Internet) We’re so excited to actually get a flower of our own from this curious little plant.

Mtssa. Shelob 'Tolkien'
Mtssa. Shelob ‘Tolkien’. We also got other plants along with the Dracula.

Mtssa. Shelob 'Tolkien' internet picture(picture from Internet) We’ve always had our eyes on this plant because of the clonal name. We like the Fantasy genre and we love Tolkien. It also helps that the flowers of this Miltassia is absolutely beautiful.

Zygopetalum Adelaide Meadows 'Brabum' x Ptpm. Mathina 'Elizabeth'
Zygopetalum Adelaide Meadows ‘Brabum’ x Ptpm. Mathina ‘Elizabeth’ is the ugly duckling purchase for this trip.

Zygopetalum Adelaide Meadows 'Brabum' x Ptpm. Mathina 'Elizabeth' internet picture(picture from Internet) Zygo flowers are so alien-pretty! 

Orchid count: #278, 279, 280


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