More terrestrial orchids

Jun. 25, 2014: Excited and inspired by our surprise Bletilla (story told in this post), we had to pick up more. It just so happens, Seattle Orchid has a Bletilla lot on sale. So we went for it!

Bletilla ochracea 'Chinese Butterfly'
Bletilla ochracea ‘Chinese Butterfly’

Bletilla ochracea 'Chinese Butterfly' internet picture
(picture from Internet) Lovely yellow flowers!

Bletilla yokohama 'Kate'
Bletilla yokohama ‘Kate’

Bletilla yokohama internet picture
(picture from Internet) The flowers of this plant look like the pale version of what we already have.

Bletilla striata 'Big Bob'
Bletilla striata ‘Big Bob’

Bletilla striata internet picture
(picture from Internet) This is the species that we already have but it would still be interesting to see what kind of variations we’ll get considering this one has a clonal name ‘Big Bob’.

Papilionanthe teres
Papilionanthe (Vanda) teres. This plant was also heavily discounted at Seattle Orchid so we picked it up too.

Vanda teres internet picture
(picture from Internet) This plant reminds me of my childhood. It still carries the theme of terrestrial orchids since these plants actually grow like weeds on the ground back home in the Philippines.

Orchid count: #298-301


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