Dracula season

Jul. 11, 2014 [update]: One of the buds that came with the Dracula chimaera ‘Hercules’ is beginning to open!

Dracula chimaera 'Hercules'

Jun. 27, 2014: Yesterday, we got word that a fellow Michigan Orchid Society member was selling his entire Dracula collection for a fraction of how much he paid for each plant since they are not happy in his growing environment (primarily Paphs). Considering our obsession with Masdevallias and Pleurothallid Alliance plants, we obviously really, really wanted this opportunity…

Well, we got them and we are extremely excited!!! I’m not providing much commentary in this initial post since I’m still recovering from happy shock.

Dracula bella 'Mt. Ranier' AM/AOSDracula bella ‘Mt. Ranier’ AM/AOS

Dracula bella internet picture(picture from Internet) Dracula bella

Dracula chestertonii 'LL'
Dracula chestertonii ‘LL’

Dracula chestertonii internet picture
(picture from Internet) Dracula chestertonii

Dracula chimaera 'Hercules'
Dracula chimaera ‘Hercules’

Dracula chimaera internet picture(picture from Internet) Dracula chimaera

Dracula chiroptera 'Andy'
Dracula chiroptera ‘Andy’

Dracula chiroptera internet picture
(picture from Internet) Dracula chiroptera

Dracula gorgona 'Andina'
Dracula gorgona ‘Andina’

Dragula gorgona 'Stoney Point' AM/CCM/AOS
Dragula gorgona ‘Stoney Point’ AM/CCM/AOS

Dracula gorgona internet picture(picture from Internet) Dracula gorgona

Dracula hirtzii 'Fine Flat'
Dracula hirtzii ‘Fine Flat’

Dracula hirtzii internet picture(picture from Internet) Dracula hirtzii

Dracula platycrater 'Angel I'
Dracula platycrater ‘Angel I’

Dracula platycrater internet picture(picture from Internet) Dracula platycrater

dracula polyphemus 'Super Dark'
Dracula polyphemus ‘Super Dark’

Dracula polyphemus 'J&L's Cyclops' AM/AOS
Dracula polyphemus ‘J&L’s Cyclops’ AM/AOS

Dracula polyphemus internet picture(picture from Internet) Dracula polyphemus

Dracula robledorum
Dracula robledorum

Dracula robledorum internet picture
(picture from Internet) Dracula robledorum

Dracula roezlii 'Black Beauty' ('Beta' x 'Cow Hollow')
Dracula roezlii ‘Black Beauty’ (‘Beta’ x ‘Cow Hollow’)

Dracula roezlii internet picture
(picture from Internet) Dracula roezlii

Dracula ubangina 'Juan'
Dracula ubangina ‘Juan’

Dracula ubangina 'Juan' internet picture(picture from Internet) Dracula ubangina ‘Juan’

Dracula vampira 'Angelic'
Dracula vampira ‘Angelic’

Dracula vampira 'Marguerite' AM/AOS
Dracula vampira ‘Marguerite’ AM/AOS

Dracula vampira 'Ben' AM/AOS
Dracula vampira ‘Ben’ AM/AOS

Dracula vampira 'Zorba' AM/AOS
Dracula vampira ‘Zorba’ AM/AOS

Dracula vampira internet picture(picture from Internet) Dracula vampira

Dracula veleziana 'C'Dracula veleziana ‘C’

Dracula veleziana internet picture(picture from Internet) Dracula veleziana

Dracula verticulosa 'Hainsworth'
Dracula verticulosa ‘Hainsworth’

Dracula verticulosa internet picture(picture from Internet) Dracula verticulosa

Dracula villegasii 'Fine Flat'Dracula villegasii ‘Fine Flat’

Dracula villegasii internet picture
(picture from Internet) Dracula villegasii

Dracula woolwardiae
Dracula woolwardiae

Dracula woolwardiae internet picture(picture from Internet) Dracula woolwardiae

Orchid count: #302-322


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