Phal. violacea adventure

Jul. 2, 2014 [update]: A couple of the buds that came with the plant have opened and the flowers are truly awesome.

Phal. violacea ('Blue Star' x 'Blue Diamond')

Phal. violacea ('Blue Star' x 'Blue Diamond')

Jun. 28, 2014: During the two times we’ve visited Taylor Orchids before, we must have admired the Phal. violaceas so vocally. A fellow orchid enthusiast and Taylor Orchids regular Robin convinced Ron to give us the opportunity to purchase one of his beautiful stock plants. We drove out there today to pick it up. Turned out, the amazing plants we got today were merely the sideshow to the extensive education we got from Ron.

If we could have the opportunity to experience a mere fraction of the stories that Ron tells us about his own orchid adventures, we would be so lucky. In the meantime, we treasure each and every story shared to us.

Phal. violacea ('Blue Star' x 'Blue Diamond')
Phal. violacea (‘Blue Star’ x ‘Blue Diamond’)

Phal. violacea ('Blue Star' x 'Blue Diamond')The one open flower on this plant is starting to dip but we’re still very excited to have gotten a Ron Ciesinski Phal. violacea! He was telling us how he got this particular plant as a tiny seedling once upon a time.

Pleurothallis tribuloides
Pleurothallis tribuloides. While we were there, Larry asked if we can buy a division of the lobster claw Pleuro that we loved so much the last time we were there. Ron broke us off a section to take home!

Pleurothallis tribuloidesThis is the mother plant that’s at Taylor Orchids.

Phal. x intermedia (red leaf, red lip)
Phal. x intermedia (red leaf, red lip). There were several of these plants with so many keikis on the “not for sale” benches that Larry joked if he can just break one off to take home. Ron broke one off for us. Yes, that’s a flower spike growing off of a keiki!

Phal. x intermedia (green leaf, red lip)
Phal. x intermedia (green leaf, red lip). When Ron broke off the keiki above for us, he mentioned that he actually has blooming versions of that plant but with green leaves. He let us take home one of these, too. Interesting variation.

Phal. x intermedia (red lip)Although the green-leaf Phal. intermedia (red lip) plant that we took home came with a blooming inflorescence, the heat in the car made them wilt. Good thing I took a nice picture of the flowers while we were still at Taylor Orchids.

Paph. exul
Paph. exul. One thing about Taylor Orchids is, it is incredibly difficult to resist the allure of slipper orchids. There are amazing slipper orchid flowers at every direction. So I thought we’d pick up the first interesting sounding Paph. species plant we find.

Paph. exul internet picture(picture from Internet) We were excited to find out that we got what looks like a dominant parent of bulldog Paphs!

Orchid count: #323-327


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