Thank you, Yvonne!

Oct. 25, 2014 [update]: The Laelia sincorana bloomed! And it’s amazingly beautifully blue!

Laelia sincorana

Laelia sincorana

Sept. 2, 2014 [update]: The Bulb. macranthum that we got from Yvonne bloomed for us!

Bulb. macranthum

Jul. 12, 2014: After getting back to our side of Michigan after a field trip out to Porter’s Orchids in Grand Ledge (previous post), our friend Yvonne gave us a couple of divisions of her plants. THANK YOU!

Bulb. macranthum
Bulb. macranthum

Bulb. macranthum internet picture
(picture from Internet) While we were at Porter’s, we were saying how interesting it was that this particular Bulbophyllum actually has a pleasant scent. Contrary to the typical odor that Bulbophyllums are notoriously known for.

Laelia sincorana
Laelia sincorana. Apparently, when Yvonne gave us that division of her Cattleya maxima (story told in this post), she thought she gave us a division of this plant too. After looking thru her greenhouse, she found that the division she thought she gave us was still there!

Laelia sincorana(picture from Internet) Believe it or not, this is actually our first Laelia plant in our collection! Very pretty!

Orchid count: #343, 344


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