Larry’s mystery Vandas

Sep. 13, 2015 [update]: Some more pictures of the Vanda.


Sep. 6, 2015 [update]: More of the flowers on the Vanda Rothschildiana are open today.

Vanda Rothschildiana

Sep. 4, 2015 [update]: This mystery Vanda is finally blooming and Ron at Taylor Orchids identified it for us! Presenting, Vanda Rothschildiana (coerulea x sanderiana)

Vanda Rothschildiana

Vanda Rothschildiana

Jul. 13, 2014: We needed to get some plant supplies and decided to go to ever-reliable Larry’s Orchids and Tropicals for them. While there, we were told that they just got in some new mystery Vandas. They were HUGE! Considering how successful we were with our first mystery Vanda (story at this post), we thought its a sign for us to take on another one.

mystery Vanda 2
There is no flower spike forming on this plant but we’re patient. Part of the fun in this hobby for us is blooming these mystery plants and hopefully id them.

mystery Vanda 2
What drew us to this particular plant is that it’s actually two plants in one.

mystery Vanda 2It should be easy for us to differentiate this plant from the other mystery Vanda we had.

Orchid count: #345


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