Greater Lansing Orchid Society picnic: the auction

Oct. 11, 2015 [update]: The Phal. Cassandra has bloomed and it does indeed have (faint) candy-stripes.

Phal. Cassandra

Phal. Cassandra

Phal. Cassandra

Dec. 28, 2014 [update]: Since the Cym. Big Tim White was beginning to take up too much space, we decided to cut the blooming inflorescence off. Before they were cut tho, Larry took a picture of the whole plant and our orchid pal Paul Z. did some Photoshop magic to isolate the plant in the picture. Thanks Paul!

Cym. Big Tim White

Dec. 25, 2014 [update]: A couple more pictures of the Cym. Big Tim White on the grow shelf it sits on with more flowers open.

Cym. Big Tim White

Cym. Big Tim White

Dec. 21, 2014 [update]: The Lansing Cymbidiums have been in spike for a while now and they’re starting to open! First one is the Cym. Big Tim White.

Cym. Big Tim White

Oct. 25, 2014 [update]: The C. Lavender Lulu bloomed out of the blue. It was tucked in the back of our shelf and we just noticed the flower. The flower we got is far from perfect. It’s looks wonky but still neat that it bloomed for us!

C. Lavender Lulu

Aug. 13, 2014 [update]: The Phrag. Sedenii v hartwegii flower is absolutely beautiful!

Phrag. Sedenii v hartwegii

Phrag. Sedenii v hartwegii


Phrag. Sedenii v hartwegii

Phrag. Sedenii v hartwegii

Aug. 10, 2014 [update]: The large Phrag. Sedenii v hartwegii plant that we got from the Lansing Orchid Society picnic that was in bud is beginning to open up.

This was how it looked this morning:

Phrag. Sedenii v hartwegii

Phrag. Sedenii v hartwegii


This is how it looks this afternoon:

Phrag. Sedenii v hartwegii

Jul. 20, 2014: At the Greater Lansing Orchid Society summer picnic, there were plants specifically set aside for the auction. So despite the fact that we already bought a bunch of plants from the flat-rate tables (story told here), we still had “a few” plants we wanted to bid on at auction.

Cymbidium aloifolium
Cymbidium aloifolium. The auction started with this beautiful plant and we’re so geeked to have won it!

Cymbidium aloifolium flowersThe plant came with this inflorescence that’s definitely starting to dip. Still looks beautiful tho!

Masdevallia venus
Masdevallia venus. Then this plant went up for auction. When it was called out, we were all doubtful that it was a species as marked on the tag but sure enough it truly is!

Masdevallia venus internet picture(picture from Internet) It’s so exciting to pick up a lesser known Masdie species. It’s even more exciting to find out that it produces very colorful flowers!

Phrag. Sedenii v hartwegii
Phrag. Sedenii v hartwegii. Although we already picked up a Phrag. Sedenii from the flat-rate sale tables, we couldn’t resist vying for this humongous plant in spike since the bids were extremely reasonable.

Phrag. Sedenii internet picture(picture from Internet) The plant tag that came with this plant had “v hartwegii” on it. It would be interesting to see if the flowers of this plant would be distinctly different from the other Phrag. Sedenii we got.

Cym. Big Tim White
Cym. Big Tim White

Cymbidium white internet picture(picture from Internet) There doesn’t seem to be an actual Cymbidium hybrid registered with this name but if we were to guess, the flowers would probably be white.

Cymbidium Clarisse Austin
Cymbidium Clarisse Austin

Cymbidium Clarisse Austin internet picture(picture from Internet) The flowers of this named Cymbidium hybrid looks like the pink NoID Cymbidium we got from Kroger before (story told here). The pseudobulbs look different, tho.

C. Lulu x C. Lavender Ice
C. Lavender Lulu (C. Lulu x C. Lavender Ice)

C. Lulu x C. Lavender Ice internet picture(picture from Internet) This hybrid doesn’t seem to be registered with the RHS yet but there are some pictures of its flowers online. (Thanks, Paul Z. for letting us know the registered name for this hybrid! It’s Cattleya Lavender Lulu) Very pretty. It’s interesting to see that the flower does indeed have spots! Little Frog Farm Rob who was acting auctioneer mentioned how the flowers would probably have spots considering the leaves had spots.

Cym. unknownus
Cym. unknownus. That’s what the plant tag says. We became the “Cymbidium guys” at this picnic since we were amassing a veritable forest with all the Cymbidiums we were winning.

Rhyncholaeliocattleya Digbyano-Purpurata
Rhyncholaeliocattleya Digbyano-Purpurata

Rhyncholaeliocattleya Digbyano-Purpurata internet picture(picture from Internet) Our first frilly-lip cattleya (I think)!

Paph. fowliei x henryanum
Paph. fowliei x henryanum

Paph. fowliei x henryanum internet picture(picture from Internet) Interesting-looking little Paph

Paph. Doctor Toot
Paph. Doctor Toot (Paph. kolopakingii var topperi x delenatii)

Paph. Doctor Toot internet picture(picture from Internet) WOW! Just, WOW!

Phal. Purple Martin x Phal. philippinense
Phal. Purple Martin x Phal. philippinense. This is one of the Phal hybrids from Jim Heilig. He seems like a person we have a lot to learn from considering we would like to do hybridization soon, too.

Phal. schilleriana x Phal. leucorrhoda
Phal. schilleriana x Phal. leucorrhoda. Another one of Jim Heilig’s hybrids. When these plants were going up for auction, he mentioned that all of them will have candy-striped flowers!

Phal. aphrodite 2n x Phal. philippinensis
Phal. aphrodite 2n x Phal. philippinensis. Another Jim Heilig Phal hybrids. It’s fascinating to see how different the leaf shapes and markings are one these plants!

Phal. Cassandra
Phal. Cassandra. This was in the same group of plants auctioned as Jim Heilig’s hybrids but looking at the plant tag now, this one is actually RHS registered unlike the others.

Phal. Cassandra internet picture(picture from Internet) Interesting that the comment on candy-stripes still does apply to this plant, tho! Cute!

Cym. Mighty Sunset 'Barbara'
Cym. Mighty Sunset ‘Barbara’

Cym. Mighty Sunset internet picture(picture from Internet) YAY! Orange!

Orchid count: #364-379


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