Supplies and Stanhopeas


Aug. 23, 2014: We needed to restock our supply of potting media so that means a trip to Larry’s Orchids and Tropicals. Larry dropped by there yesterday and brought home more than just supplies.

There were some Stanhopea plants on sale!

Stanhopea oculata
Stanhopea oculata

Stanhopea oculata internet picture(picture from Internet) I’m assuming the species name is because of the big black dots that look like eyes.

Stanhopea insignis 'Dark Jungle'
Stanhopea insignis ‘Dark Jungle’

Stanhopea insignis internet picture(picture from Internet) The plant was in the ugly duckling shelf for obvious reasons but we’re hoping to rehab it and get these amazing looking flowers.

Stanhopea tigrina 'Glory Of Mexico'
Stanhopea tigrina ‘Glory Of Mexico’

Stanhopea tigrina internet picture(picture from Internet)

Stanhopea wardii
Stanhopea wardii

Stanhopea wardii internet picture(picture from Internet) This is one species we always wanted and we’re geeked we finally got it!

Along with the Stanhopeas, Larry also got these other plants.

Paph. delanatii
Paph. delanatii

Paph. delanatii internet picture(picture from Internet)

 Rhynchostylis gigantea
Rhynchostylis gigantea

Rhynchostylis gigantea internet picture(picture from Internet)

Promenaea riograndensis
Promenaea riograndensis

Promenaea riograndensisThis is a secondĀ Promenaea riograndensis for our collection (original plant from this post). Larry couldn’t resist rescuing cute plants.

Orchid count: #399-405


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