We’re still here and we still have orchidelirium!

Sept. 2, 2014 [update]: The no ID Encyclia’s flowers are starting to open. Still no clue what it is, tho.

noid Encyclia

Aug. 23, 2014: Although we haven’t had the chance to post updates for a few weeks now, our orchidelirium is still going strong. Larry has been busy setting up our spare room to move our plants inside for when it gets cold (actually it’s already starting to fill up).

A few weeks back, we dropped by Young’s Garden Mart to check on some large no ID orchids that we saw there earlier in the season. They were actually still there so we picked up a couple of plants.

Larry with noid encycliaHere’s Larry with the no id Encyclia (we think). It has flower spikes growing on it when we picked it up and we’re just waiting for them to open up so we can attempt to id it.

no id Cattleyas (white)We also picked up ONE huge no id Cattleya plant with “white” written on the pot. Larry devided the plant into the 11 plants you see in this picture.

The other weekend, we had a chance to visit a fellow Michigan Orchid Society member’s greenhouse (Glenda). She wanted to pass along her collection of Orchid magazines (going back to the 50s) and we were fortunate enough to claim it. It’s absolutely fascinating to see how the hobby has evolved all these years!

Glenda's no id Coelogyne
While there, Glenda happened to have some Coelogyne divisions lying around and gave us a piece. She didn’t have an id for it tho so we’ll just have to bloom this plant to find out what it is!

Orchid count: #395, 396, 397


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