Another day at Larry’s


Sept. 5, 2014: It’s another day off for Larry which means another day to hang out at Larry’s Tropical Plants (I just noticed they changed their name on their website).

Den. Genting Royal
Den. Genting Royal

Den. Genting RoyalThese are the flowers of Den. Genting Royal that were decorating the lobby of Larry’s Tropical Plants.

Epi. nocturnum
Epi. nocturnum

Epi. nocturnumThe bud that came with the plant has started to open yesterday. The bud was kitty-whom-pus so we’re not sure if the flower would stay wacky.

Phal. amabilis
Phal. amabilis (maybe not?)

Phal. amabilisLarry picked this up since it doesn’t look like the other Phal. amabilis plant that we got before (story told at this post). The plant doesn’t even really look like a Phalaenopsis. We’re excited to see what flowers this plant will give us.

Orchid count: #421, 422, 423




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  1. Yvonne Whiteley says:

    Wish you could have been able to come with us. I was locked out of my house when we returned so we went to lunch. We ate Thai food. It was very good.


    1. nowd says:

      Yeah I wish I was with you guys! Seems like the more hellish my work day goes, the wilder Larry’s adventures are. Makes for great dinner time stories tho 🙂


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