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Sept. 21, 2014: When summer comes, most people get excited for all the summer activities they can do. It’s kind of a bummer for us since that means a break from the regular monthly orchid society meetings. As summer fades, the weather outside gets cooler, and the orchid society meetings come back!

Today is the first Michigan Orchid Society (MOS) meeting after the summer break and it was fun as usual. The raffle table was overflowing with interesting plants and we were fortunate to have been able to win a few.

Milt. hybrid (Belle Glade x Sandy's Cove) 'Karen' x (Shaine Gold x William Kirch) 'Midas'
Milt. hybrid (Belle Glade x Sandy’s Cove) ‘Karen’ x (Shaine Gold x William Kirch) ‘Midas’. That’s what’s on the tag that came with this plant. After a little bit of research, Milt. Belle Glade x Sandy’s Cove = Milt. Puna Cove. Milt. Shaine Gold x William Kirch = Milt. Shaine’s Star. Milt. Puna Cove x Shaine’s Star = Milt. Puna Gold

Milt. Puna Gold
(picture from Internet) These are the flowers of Milt. Puna Gold

Enc. cordigera
Enc. cordigera

Enc. cordigera internet picture(picture from Internet) Pretty little flowers!

Masd. Rebecca
Masd. Rebecca (amabilis x ignea)

Masd. Rebecca internet picture(picture from Internet) This one is exciting! It’s one of the candy-striped Masdevallia hybrids!

Pleurothallis scurrula
Pleurothallis scurrula

Pleurothallis scurrula internet picture
(picture from Internet) We had no idea what the flowers of this Pleurothallis would look like when we chose it off the raffle table. So geeked it’s a wacky looking one!

Burr. Living Fire 'Dark Fire'
Burr. Living Fire ‘Dark Fire’

Burr. Living Fire 'Dark Fire'This was the plant that Larry really wanted from the get go. Exciting to see it came with a flower spike forming.

Burr. Living Fire internet picture(picture from Internet) The flowers of this plant looks like is going to be blazing red!

The speaker for this meeting was Marni Turkel who also spoke at the Greater Lansing Orchid Society meeting yesterday. After sleeping on it, Larry decided to buy a couple of the little plants from Marni today.

Lepanthes caprimulgus
Lepanthes caprimulgus ‘Gorgeous Goober’ CHM/AOS

Lepanthes caprimulgus internet picture(picture from Internet) We had actually picked up a Lepanthes caprimulgus from Ecuagenera at the MOS Palm Sunday Orchid Show earlier this year (story told here) but we thought it would be cool to compare if there would be any difference in the flowers of this one.

Phal. gibbosa
Phal. gibbosa

Phal. gibbosa internet picture(picture from Internet) Larry picked this up to join our growing collection of Phal species.

Orchid count: #435-441


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