Larry’s Tropical Plants is moving!

Sept. 19, 2014: We knew Larry’s Tropical Plants was moving from their very convenient Clinton Township location to some faraway land called Grayling up north by the end of the month so Larry made what may be his last trip to the Clinton Township location. Since this was a pretty special trip, the haul was pretty special too.

Larry brought home a whole bunch of ugly ducklings which he got for a steal. It’s a hodge-podge of random plants in different stages of sadness but this reminded us of the time when we enjoying rehabilitating rescue plants.

ugly ducklings

ugly ducklings


Larry did purchase one plant outright:

Eurychone rothschildiana
Eurychone rothschildiana. The flowers looks smooshed since they were under the potting media when Larry got them home.

Eurychone rothschildiana internet picture(picture from Internet) Un-smooshed, the flowers would’ve looked pretty. They still smell beautiful, tho!

Orchid count: #434 (not counting the ugly ducklings)



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