The missing Gastrochilus

Nov.29, 2014 [update]: We submitted our Gastrochilus obliquus to be part of the Greater Lansing Orchid Society display at the Saginaw Valley Orchid Society Show this weekend. We got a second place ribbon for it!

Gastrochilus obliquus


Gastrochilus obliquusLynn O’Shaughnessy, a fellow GLOS member and AOS Judge, took this great picture of the flowers of our plant. Thanks, Lynn!

Nov. 25, 2014 [update]: The flowers of the Gastrochilus obliquus is unreal. Looks like plastic.

Gastrochilus obliquus

Sep. 29, 2014: Larry got a Gastrochilus obliquus from the Louisiana Orchid Connection back in Sept. 29 but I seemed to have completely missed creating a post about it. We discovered this because it’s developed some buds recently (Nov. 9, 2014).

Gastrochilus obliquus
Gastrochilus obliquus

Gastrochilus obliquus
This is how the plant looks today (Nov. 9, 2014)

Gastrochilus obliquusThe little flower spike is developing nicely.

Gastrochilus obliquus internet picture(picture from Internet) So excited to see these flowers for real.

Orchid count: #483


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