Greater Lansing Orchid Society Show and Sale 2015


Feb 28 – Mar 1, 2015: This year’s Greater Lansing Orchid Society Show and Sale was awesome! We were running around so much socializing with fellow plant lovers and helping out with whatever we can help with that we hardly got any pictures of the event and plants themselves. We did pick up some neat plants, tho.

Phal. Fantasy Musick
Phal. Fantasy Musick

Phal. Fantasy MusickWhile helping set up the GLOS display, we were talking to Jim Heilig and Pete Oslund about how last year’s GLOS Show and Sale was when we first encountered the Phal. Mini Mark which will always be one of our favorite Phal hybrids. Jim tells us about a similar hybrid that we might also be interested in. While helping Hilltop Orchids bring in their plants into the vendor area, Jim points out the actual plant he was talking about: Phal. Fantasy Musick! Larry spends the rest of the day holding this plant wherever he went.

Here are pictures of the plant today (Mar 15, 2015). Looking more beautiful as more flowers open!

Phal. Fantasy Musick

Phal. Fantasy Musick

Phal. Fantasy Musick


On Little Frog Farm‘s and Alex Chalis’s vendor table, this cute little Bulbo caught our eyes. While tearing down the show after it ended Sunday, Alex let us have the plant for a steal!

noid Bulbo
NoID Bulbo

noid BulboWe had reached out to orchid friends to ID the plant. Suggestions are always welcome!

To round out our haul from the GLOS show and sale weekend, we actually won the auction of a compot of Phal. violacea from New Vision Orchid‘s Russ Vernon’s talk on Phals where he represented the International Phalaenopsis Alliance. Unfortunately, it looks like the cold hit the tiny plants hard while we were taking them home and now they’re not looking very good.

Phal. violacea compot plantsThere were probably around 5 plants in the compot but when they started to look sad, Larry decided to mount them to see if any would survive. Fingers-crossed!



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  1. Mystery Bulbophyllum might be sulphureum…


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