Michigan Orchid Society Palm Sunday Show 2015

Sep. 4, 2015 [update] : We have another flower from the Phal. tetraspis!

Phal. tetraspis

May 12, 2015 [update]: The Phal. tetraspis produced another flower from the same inflorescence. This time it has the tiniest red mark, tho. So cool!

Phal. tetraspis

Mar. 28, 2015: It’s that time of the year again: the Michigan Orchid Society Palm Sunday Show. We took the opportunity to trade a couple plants to Yvonne to get a piece of her beautiful peloric Phal. equestris plant.

peloric Phal. equestric plant
peloric Phal. equestric plant

peloric Phal. equestric plantLarry mounted the little piece to bark

Yvonne's peloric Phal. equestricThis was the picture from Yvonne’s Facebook that made us fall in love with it!

One of the reasons why we enjoy volunteering to help set up the show is getting first look at the plants that the vendors bring in for sale. Ron Ceisinski (Taylor Orchids) happened to be one of the vendors at the show this year and he had this plant that we couldn’t resist buying.

Phal. tetraspis Phal. tetraspis

Phal. tetraspisWe went ahead and put it in the Michigan Orchid Society display to allow others to see such a beautiful Phal species.

Phal. tetraspis yellow ribbonTurned out to be a great idea since we got the yellow ribbon for it.

The MOS display this year had an Aztec/Mayan theme to it and they needed a lot of green plants to fill in some spaces. Larry and I helped pick up (and put back) some larger plants from Glenda’s house. For our help, she gave us a piece of her awarded Sobralia.

Sobralia decora 'One Day Wonder' HCC/AOSSobralia decora ‘One Day Wonder’ HCC/AOS

Sobralia decora(picture from Internet) Sobralia is one of those uncommon terrestrial orchids that have short-lived flowers. Getting them AOS awarded is quite a feat considering the timing that has to be perfect. 



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