Taylor Orchids: the pre-sale

Dec. 28, 2015 [update]: Phal. Orchid World is in bloom again! The colors are brighter this time around and the spots look more like spots instead of grids.

Phal. Orchid World

Apr. 29, 2015: It’s Larry’s day off and it’s a few days to Taylor Orchid’s Retirement Sale. He and Yvonne took a trip over for a preview and came home with a couple of interesting plants.

Phal. Orchid World
Phal. Orchid World

Phal. Orchid WorldLarry has always wanted a Phal. Orchid World. When he came home with this plant, he was bouncing off the walls excited! THANKS, RON!

Phal. Orchid WorldHere’s a picture of another plant that was there with more beautiful flowers.

Epidendrum gracile Epidendrum gracile

Epidendrum gracileRon let Larry take home a piece that broke off of this plant that he was prepping for the big sale this weekend. So cool to encounter these interesting species that we wouldn’t even know to look for.


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