Masdies, again??!?


Jul. 25, 2015: It seemed like forever since we bought any new Masdevallias for our collection. In fact, the last time was way back in May last year with Masd. Circe (story at this post). This was because we accumulated so many at such a short amount of time only to lose most of them to the summer heat last year. Lehua Orchids has this special “closeout deal” for their Masdies so we’re giving it another shot with these plants.

Masd. Pinocchio's Dream
Masd. Pinocchio’s Dream

Masd. Pinocchio's DreamThis was a flower on our old plant that we have since lost (story of the plant told here). 

Masd. Claude
Masd. Claude (oscitans ‘Often’ x veitchiana ‘Betty’ AM/AOS)

Masd. ClaudeWhen I first saw this flower, I thought it was the Pinocchio’s Dream and that the tags were swapped but checking OrchidWiz, they do look quite similar.

Masd. scabrilinguis 'Winkles'
Masd. scabrilinguis ‘Winkles’

Masd. scabrilinguis 'Winkles' picture(picture from Lehua Orchids) We were excited to get such a great-looking species plant! The potential cute flowers are a bonus!

Masd. Fantasy Fandango
Masd. Fantasy Fandango (Copper Angel ‘Lava Trails’ AM/AOS x Golden Tiger ‘Angie’ HCC/AOS)

Masd. Fantasy Fandango picture
(picture from Lehua Orchids) This is the first time we’ve encountered this hybrid and we’re geeked!

Masd. Aquarius 'Orosome'
Masd. Aquarius ‘Orosome’

Masd. Aquarius internet picture(picture from Internet) Beautiful delicate yellow flowers!


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