Repotting with Ron, part 2


Aug. 28, 2015: Larry went down to Taylor Orchids with Yvonne to help Ron with some repotting and a little bit of shopping. They had great fun there while I had great fun seeing the awesome plants Larry brought home.

Vanda coerulea (dark form)
Vanda coerulea (dark form)

Vanda coerulea (light form)
This is a picture of the “other type” of Vanda coerulea that Ron has. If this is the “light form”, it would be interesting to see the “dark form”.

Paph. venustum
Paph. venustum

Paph venustum internet picture
(picture from Internet) Fun fact, this is our first Paph. venustum (non alba). It’s one of the Paphs that’s always striking to us but we haven’t picked up a plant of our own until now.

Paph. Wayne Booth
Paph. Wayne Booth (Susan Booth ‘King’s Crown’ x rothschildianum ‘Matriach’)

Paph. Wayne Booth internet picture
(picture from Internet) Another beautiful multifloral Paph to add to our family.

Paph. Woluwense
Paph. Woluwense

Paph. Woluwense internet picture
(picture from Internet) Beautiful candy-striped Paph!

Paph. Rosslyn 'Pitt'S' FCC/AOS
Paph. Rosslyn ‘Pitt’S’ FCC/AOS

Paph. Rosslyn 'Pitt'S' FCC/AOS
We’re so excited to have been able to get a division of this beautiful plant. The first time we saw the flowers, we were so intrigued. When we couldn’t find information about it given the name that Ron had on his plant tag we got even more interested (the tag says “Pah. Roselyn Pitts FCC/AOS”). With the help of Facebook, the mystery was ultimately solved and now we have Paph. Rosslyn!


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