These plants are older than me!

Sep. 12, 2015: We hung out at Taylor Orchids again today to help out Ron with organizing and cleaning up some plants. It’s always amazing to find out how old some of Ron’s plants are. We’re so lucky to have the opportunity to have some of Ron’s babies.

Laelia purpurata var. werkhauseri
Laelia purpurata var. werkhauseri

Laelia purpurata var. werkhauseri internet picture
(picture from Internet) This picture is just a placeholder for now. The plant Ron had us have is more than 40 years old. He says what is absolutely stunning about the flowers from this particular plant is, the petals come out almost completely flat with no “twists or folds”.

Paph. Whitemoor 'Ashlands' AM/AOS
Paph. Whitemoor ‘Ashlands’ AM/AOS

Paphiopedilum Whitemoor 'Ashlands' AM/AOS OrchidWiz picture
(picture from OrchidWiz) Ron said the plants he let us have were original divisions from the awarded plant. Checking OrchidWiz, the award was given in 1964!

Paph. Jogjae
Paph. Jogjae

Paph. Jogjae internet picture
(picture from Internet) Ron’s story about this plant is absolutely fascinating. He related a story about how this plant was initially mistaken as a species. It’s an early primary hybrid created and registered before World War II. After the war, to hide/protect the precious orchids from the invaders, the owners who were being driven away hid their plants in the jungles. Years later, they were rediscovered. Googling the story, we came upon this webpage that tells the same/similar story! ABSOLUTELY FASCINATING!!!!

Paph. Daisy Barclay
Paph. Daisy Barclay

Pui Y. Chin 1999
Ron says this plant came from Pui Y. Chin (the father of Dracuvallia Blue Boy) and the tag on the plant proves it. It’s always amazing to have plants from legendary (in our book) orchidists.

Paph. Daisy Barclay internet picture
(picture from Internet) Ron passed along this plant to us since he said he’s tired of waiting for it to bloom for him. He got it in bloom back in 1999 but never bloomed it again since. Hopefully our growing environment suits this plant and we bloom it.


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