Prepping for the Taylor Orchids Fall Sale

Oct. 11, 2015 [update]: The first flower of the Paph. Landmark is open and it’s weird-beautiful as expected.

Paph. Landmark

Paph. Landmark

Sep. 25, 2015: As the day of the Taylor Orchids fall sale draws near, Larry has been giving Ron a hand at getting things all straightened out. One perk of helping out is having the opportunity to pre-shop before the sale.

Vanda Edwin Hausermann
Vanda Edwin Hausermann (Ascofinetia Peaches x Vanda cristata)

Vanda Edwin Hausermann
Pretty little purple flowers on this plant.

Paph. Landmark
Paph. Landmark

Paph. Landmark internet picture
(picture from Internet) Fascinating to see very distinct traits from the parents of this primary hybrid shine through. Paph. glaucophyllum’s greenish, spotted hairy petals and Paph. sanderianum’s striped sepals and shape. We’re so excited to see what the actual flowers on our plant will look.

Paph. Snowdome
Paph. Snowdome

Paph. Snowdome OrchidWiz picture
(picture from OrchidWiz) It’s a bulldog Paph!

Paph. hirsutissimum var. sukhakul
Paph. hirsutissimum var. sukhakul

Paph. hirsutissimum var. sukhakul internet picture
(picture from Internet) I can’t seem to find any information about what difference “var sukhakul” would have versus a “regular”¬†hirsutissimum. We’ll just have to see for ourselves when we bloom this plant!

Polystachya pubescens
Polystachya pubescens

Polystachya pubescens internet picture
(picture from Internet) When I first this plant, I thought it was a Dendrobium. After searching online for pictures of the flowers, WOW! How crazy cool are these flowers?

Slc. Ocelot 'Happy Halloween' HCC/AOS
Slc. Ocelot ‘Happy Halloween’ HCC/AOS

Slc. Ocelot 'Happy Halloween' HCC/AOS OrchidWiz picture
(picture from OrchidWiz) Larry wanted spotted Cattleyas and boy did he get an awesome one here. This plant is a piece of Ron’s awarded plant (from 1995)! How appropriate for the season!

Ctsm. fimbriatum 'Jack' CCM/AOS
Ctsm. fimbriatum ‘Jack’ CCM/AOS

Ctsm. fimbriatum 'Jack' CCM/AOS OrchidWiz picture
(picture from OrchidWiz) This is another one of Ron’s own awarded plant! Interesting to note that this is officially our very first Catasetum!

Catasetum fimbriatum internet picture
(picture from Internet) Had to get a close-up picture of these flowers since they’re so beautiful!


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