Happy Phrag day!


Oct. 18, 2015: It’s the October meeting for the Michigan Orchid Society where Tom Miranda walked us through his fascinating adventures orchid hunting in Central America. We really, really want to check it out for ourselves someday.

Fellow MOS member Claire told us during the all-state meeting at Lansing (story told in this post) that she had a small Phrag. besseae v. flavum plant that seems to be struggling in her environment. She brought it to this meeting and challenged us to resuscitate it. Considering how expensive these plants can be, we really hope it likes our grow environment!

Phrag. besseae v flavum
Phrag. besseae v flavum

Phrag. besseae v flavum internet picture
(picture from Internet) Yellow besseae! We hope hope hope this plant grows for us!

John Curtin was selling some plants at the meeting where we picked up another slipper orchid.

Paph. Berenice
Paph. Berenice (lowii x philippinense)

Paphiopedilum Berenice internet picture
(picture from Internet) John asked us if we had this particular hybrid and we we said we didn’t he urged us to take one home.

Like every MOS meeting, we end up taking home a whole bunch of raffle table plants. Interesting to see several Phrags up for grabs and we were lucky enough to get some!

Phrag. besseae
Phrag. besseae

Phrag. besseae internet picture
(picture from Internet) One moment we don’t have any Phrag. besseae, the next moment, we got two!

Epi. centropetalum
Epi. centropetalum

Epi. centropetalum internet picture
(picture from Internet) We’re suckers for mounted plants which is why we picked this one up from the raffle table. Always exciting to find out how beautiful the flowers would be.

Pot. Velvet Rubies
Pot. Velvet Rubies (Pot. Rubescence ‘SVO’ AM/AOS x Slc. Tangerine Jewel ‘Vi’ HCC/AOS)

Pot. Velvet Rubies OrchidWiz picture
(picture from OrchidWiz) Pretty red Cattleya!

Blc. Hunabu Victory 'Brenda Hevenor' HCC/AOS
Blc. Hunabu Victory ‘Brenda Hevenor’ HCC/AOS

Blc Hunabu Victory 'Brenda Hevenor' HCC/AOS OrchidWiz picture
(picture from OrchidWiz) Pretty orange Cattleya!

Lc. Blue Grotto 'Takagi'
Lc. Blue Grotto ‘Takagi’

Lc. Blue Grotto internet picture
(picture from Internet) Pretty blue Cattleya!

Phrag. Tickled Pink
Phrag. Tickled Pink

Phrag. Tickled Pink internet picture
(picture from Internet)

Acronia adeleae
Acronia adeleae

Acronia adeleae internet picture
(picture from Internet) To round out our haul from this month’s meeting, fellow MOS member Dan gave us this plant to free up some of his grown area space. THANKS, DAN!


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