Giant Cattleya Molly Tyler


Nov. 15, 2015: Today was the November meeting of the Michigan Orchid Society. Speaking to us this month was Russ Vernon of New Vision Orchids. Topic: Cattleyas! It’s interesting and exciting to find out that Russ is into Cattleyas, too. Before this presentation, we always thought of Russ as the Phalaenopsis and Odontoglossum guy.

From this meeting, we only took home one, single plant–the biggest plant there!

Cattleya Molly TylerOn the left is the new Cattleya Molly Tyler from Russ today. On the right is the one we had from earlier this year (story told in this post). Buddy was added to the photo for size reference.

Cattleya Molly Tyler
The difference between these two plants are undeniable.

Cattleya Molly Tyler
And yet they are supposed to be the same hybrid! Russ did mention that although this plant was not marked with an AOS award, he has a strong feeling that it’s a piece of an awarded plant.

Cattleya Molly Tyler
Here’s the new flowers with Larry’s hand.

Cattleya Molly Tyler
Here’s the flowers from the older plant with Larry’s same hand. It’s fascinating to hear people’s preference which they liked better. I think it was a tie between the two plants.




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