Great Lakes Judging Center Holiday Party 2015


Dec. 19, 2015: It’s that time of the year once again–the holiday party of the Great Lakes Judging Center at Matthaei Botanical Gardens. It was interesting to see the presentation of AOS awarded plants through the year (predominantly slippers of course).

The auction this year was pretty exciting with lots of great plants. We ended up with just one but still had an awesome time! Looking forward to next year!

C. loddigesii 'Valley Isle' x self
C. loddigesii ‘Valley Isle’ x self

C. loddigesii
This is a picture of C. loddigesii at Taylor Orchids when we visited last week (see this post). We were so geeked to win the auction for this plant since it’s a parent of the beautiful natural hybrid that we got from Porter’s the other week (see this post). C. x dolosa is a natural hybrid between loddigesii and walkeriana.


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