Arachnis Gyorgy


Dec. 30, 2015: Arachnis has become one of the most intriguing orchid genus for us–Vandaceous and wicked-insect-looking. It didn’t help when we saw Ron’s Arachnis flos-aeris in full bloom at Taylor Orchids last August. He didn’t have any divisions available for sale but our fellow Michigan Orchid Society member Gyorgy was kind enough to trade us one for one of our Vanda kimballiana plants!

Arachnis flos-aeris
Arachnis flos-aeris. Larry has been experimenting with this root-wrapping technique on some of our larger Vanda plants. The idea is, the plant feels some pressure on their roots simulating pot-boundness and also helping with our limited humidity. So far so good.

Arachnis flos-aerisHere’s a picture of Ron’s Arachnis flos-aeris. Such alien-beautiful flowers!


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