Happy 2016!

Feb. 7, 2016 [update]: The flowers on the Blc. Hsinying Catherine ‘Dogashima’ are now open!

Blc. Hsinying Catherine 'Dogashima'

Blc. Hsinying Catherine 'Dogashima'

Jan. 2, 2016: To ring in the new year, Larry and I drove out to visit the Pontiac branch of Telly’s Greenhouse also known as Goldner Walsh Garden & Home. It’s interesting how different and unique the 3 different Telly’s locations are from each other. This one is very much like a little gift shoppe–very rustic and homey. The same exciting variety of plants available are in all three branches, though, and we were able to find some cool orchids to take home with us today.

V. Fuchs Ruby
V. Fuchs Ruby

V. Fuchs RubyCute, orange flowers on this one!

Blc. Hsinying Catherine 'Dogashima'
Blc. Hsinying Catherine ‘Dogashima’

Blc. Hsinying Catherine internet picture(picture from Internet) I was drawn to this plant because it looks very healthy and also the potential flowers on this compact plant looks pretty. The plant is in spike so we should see how the flowers would look on our little plant soon!

Arundina graminifolia
Arundina graminifolia

Arundina graminifolia internet picture(picture from Internet) This plant was tucked behind the other orchids and I initially didn’t think it was an orchid. Larry pulled it out thinking it was a Sobralia. We got excited to see it’s one of those monotypic orchid genera (genus with just one species). Seeing what flowers this species produces got us even more excited! Reading up on it more, it’s not surprising I didn’t recognize it as an orchid since it’s also commonly known as the “bamboo orchid”–the foliage look exactly that, bamboo.


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