The beauty of hybrids


Jan. 8, 2015: Larry sent me this picture of a very pretty Cattleya that was blooming at Telly’s.

Slc. Circle Star
Slc. Circle Star (Slc. Seagull’s Apricot ‘Blonde Babe’ x Slc. Circle of Life ‘Orchid Eros’ AM/AOS)

We immediately wanted it. The flower did not look familiar but the names on the plant tag looked oddly familiar. After a quick check, we discover that we   actually already have this hybrid. The flowers look vastly different, though!

Slc. Circle StarHere’s the very red flowers of the first one we got before (see this post). It’s so fascinating how hybrids could look so beautifully different so we bought the one from Telly’s, too.

Slc. Circle StarAwesome to be reminded of the wonders of hybridization!


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