Further studies on hybrid variance


Jan. 29, 2016: Larry has been fascinated by the differences in the flowers of seed-grown hybrids recently. We observed this with our Molly Tylers (see post here) and the Circle Stars (see post here). When Orchidworks offered some cheap Cattleya seedlings for sale, Larry got some. It would be interesting to see how similar or different the flowers will turn out to be.

Cattleya seedlingsWe got 3 Yamadaara Orchidom Green Glade ‘Shungetsu’ AM/AOS and 3 (Blc. Chunyeah ‘Good Life #1’ SM/TOGA x Blc. Hans Kunning)

Yamadaara Orchidom Green Glade OrchidWiz picture
(picture from OrchidWiz) Yamadaara Orchidom Green Glade

Blc. Chunyeah 'Good Life #1' internet picture
(picture from Internet) Blc. Chunyeah ‘Good Life #1’

Blc. Hans Kunning internet picture
(picture from Internet) Blc. Hans Kunning

While picking up these plants, Paul gave one of his Paph. Gyorgi Naggy plants which he hybridized himself! This is incredibly exciting for us since all the flowers from this hybrid had been so varied. THANKS, PAUL!

Paph. Gyorgi NaggyPaph. Gyorgi Naggy

Here are some pictures of the flowers from this cross so far (picture credits to Paul Z. and Gyorgi N.):

Gyorgy's Paph. Gyorgy Nagy 'Paul Zimmerman'  AM- AOS
Gyorgy’s Paph. Gyorgy Nagy ‘Paul Zimmerman’  AM- AOS

Paph. Gyorgy Nagy 'P1'
Paph. Gyorgy Nagy ‘P1’

Paph. Gyorgy Nagy


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