Our very own Waling-waling!


Mar. 18, 2016: Larry volunteered to help out Ron of Taylor Orchids to setup at the Ann Arbor Orchid Society Show and Sale that’s happening this weekend. I guess what they say about helping set up orchid shows and getting unique opportunities to buy some rare and amazing plants is so true. Larry spotted some beautiful Vandas at Natt’s Orchids but they were presold to our fellow Greater Lansing Orchid Society member Pete P. When Pete heard that we were also interested in Vandas, he asked Natt’s if they had brought the “sanderianas” which they did! We didn’t even hesitate to get them!

Vanda sanderiana is one of the national plants of my home country The Philippines where we commonly call it “waling-waling”. It’s endemic to the southern region of the country but you could find it in almost every backyard garden in every region while I was growing up. I have always wanted to get some waling-waling into our collection but they’re not the easiest and cheapest to find. The few times we had the opportunity to buy/get them before always fell through. We are extremely excited to finally have ones to call our own! And we got both the regular and alba form!

V. sanderiana 'red'
V. sanderiana ‘red’

V. sanderianaThis is a picture of a V. sanderiana flower that our fellow Michigan Orchid Society member Glenda had blooming last year (Aug 2015) when she opened up her greenhouse to the society for an educational workshop.  Vanda sanderiana flowers are very striking in that the lateral sepals and dorsal sepal are distinctly different. They make the flower look two-tone–as if an artist simply painted on the pattern.

V. sanderianaHere’s Larry ogling at the beautiful plant. We were supposed to get a division/cutting during this visit but the plant wasn’t looking too healthy to do it. The dream of getting one lived on until this day. The plant that we got from Natt’s actually have 3 plants in the basket (there are two little basal keikis).

V. sanderiana 'aba'
V. sanderiana ‘aba’

V. sanderiana alba internet picture(picture from Internet) The alba-form of V. sanderiana are so beautiful! I think I like them better.


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