Ann Arbor Orchid Society Show 2016


Mar. 20, 2016: Despite the very busy weekend, we just had to squeeze in some time for the Ann Arbor Orchid Society Show. We also kinda promised Alex (Ann Arbor) we would give them a hand tearing down the show. While milling around the vendor area, we chitchatted with Jack (Saginaw Valley) and told him how we’re so excited that one of our wacky Oncidiums from Windswept In Time was in spike (Oncidium cebolleta at this post). He called it a rat-tail Oncidium which was the first time we encountered the term. He also mentioned we should get the rat-tail Vanda as well if we liked those leaf forms. A rat-tail Vanda??? It just so happened, Natt’s Orchids was selling a couple at the show!

Seidenfadenia mitrata
Seidenfadenia mitrata

Seidenfadenia mitrata internet picture
(picture from Internet) It’s really a rat-tail Vanda!

Before leaving, Alex gave us this plant for our help with the tear-down. THANKS ALEX!

(Zglm. Rhein Clown x Zgt. Midnight Blue) x Z. Jumpin Jack
(Zglm. Rhein Clown x Zgt. Midnight Blue) x Z. Jumpin Jack

internet picture
(picture from Internet) This is just a placeholder picture for how the flowers may look. The plant we got is in spike so we’ll get to know for sure what the flowers will look like soon.


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