The beginning

Larry’s orchid obsession has grown into trying to grow wacky terrestrial orchids. He found a vendor on eBay selling “seed kits” for a cheap enough price to experiment. This is the beginning of his adventure into what is yet unknown to us.

Even before we embraced our orchidelirium early this year, we’ve been absolutely fascinated by the “Bee Orchid” and the “Flying Duck Orchid”. Since they’re not native to the US, tho, we never thought we would have a chance have one to call our own. That changed when we noticed seeds available from eBay.

The “seed kits” came with very simple instructions and these little baggies:

Extremely small seeds as labeled

219Some starter soil (weird!)

The instructions read like a cooking recipe. It was like reading a box of Hamburger Helper or pancake mix (just add meat and water). This kit required these odd ingredients that Larry had to hunt for tho:



Apple cider vinegar (ODD!)

224Amino acids. The text conversation I had with Larry about this was was weird because the whole time, I thought he was talking about workout supplements. Because of his hunt for this tho, we discovered the awesome little hydroponic store in the neighborhood.

226Best tool for such a delicate task: toothpicks! (Larry took a picture of this and wanted me to use it in some way in this post…)

221And so it begins! Base planting media prepped…

Sprinkle extremely small seeds…

229Yes, they are indeed extremely small!

230If you squint and look hard enough, you’ll see the tiny seeds resting on the base soil. Larry had to hold his breath the whole time for fear of blowing the seeds away.

Top with the starter soil (I thought of this as like the icing on top of brownies or the cheese sauce with Hamburger Helpers lol)

232Magical starter soil sprinkled!

233Next, the solution made with the ingredients above is sprayed on everything.

234Cover (and bake for 20 minute? Nope!)

235Sealed and ready for germination!

Larry taped the seed kit label on each container to identify them.

Tapping the container might not necessarily encourage germination and growth but Larry did so for good measure.

Grow baby, GROW!

216Here’s the label for the Bee Orchid for documentation purposes.

If you’re interested to try this out yourself, check out Canada Seed Co. at eBay.






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